Business Shower, Flohmi and more

Saturday, 23rd October, 2021

What is this Business Shower, Flohmi and more?

This is the first event organized by FEMprendiendo and KLARA, in Basel.

In this event, you will find a Business Shower of entrepreneurs who are going to show and sell their products or services. Also a flea market, where you will find clothes and accessories for adults and children. And we will offer activities for adults and kids to have a good time.

I will tell you step by step:

1. At the Business Shower you will find...

In these stands you will find entrepreneurs who want to present their products and services. You can meet them, ask them about their business, and of course you can buy what you like.

Who is going to participate in this Business Shower?

Alles Hand Gemacht

Decoration and Jewellery

My name is Jessica, and I am a super creative person. 

I customise flower posts, I make wooden ornaments for your home, decorative glasses, accessories for women and many other things.

See them by yourself next Saturday, October 23th in my stand in KLARA.

Alma es vida

Massage and Yoga

My name is Gladys, massage therapist and yoga instructor.

Visit my stand in Klara next October 23th. I will explain how to relieve stress and to relax and release muscle contraction. 

Andrea Liuboschitz

Textil plastic artist

I am Andrea, I am a textil plastic artist from Argentina.

I want to show you my collection of minitextiles, in which you can find the beautiful imperfections of our being.

Anylú designs


I am Ana Lucía and I make fine jewellery in Anylú Designs.

Each jewellery piece is made out of a combination of high quality materials, beautiful designs, a lot of effort and love. 

Get to know me and discover my designs in my jewellery stand next 23rd October.


Blue Cherry Denim para el Business Shower de Basilea 2021

Online second-hand shop for kids

I am Gracinda and I would like to introduce you Blue-Cherry. Blue-Cherry is your new online store specialised in pre-loved and high-quality jean garments for kids.

Come and visit us! 

Carmen Ferrer


Artist, art therapist

Carmen Ferrer Start Atelier is a space to develop creativity. 
Come, visit me and get information about courses for children and adults, and workshops.
I will also present my cyanotypes collection “Ephemeral Spring”.
I forward to your visit! 

Carol Cabrera

carol deu200

Kids’ book about bullying

My name is Carolina Cabrera Álvarez and I am novel writer.

With my first book I’d like to do my bit to fight against school bullying. Available in several languages. 

Don’t miss it!

Claudia Herce

Portrait sculptor

Would you like to freeze the time and have a precise memory of your loved ones? 

My name is Claudia and I am portrait sculptor.

My sculptures are 3D portraits made out of clay.

Come, discover my work and order a physical memory that will last forever.

Coaching? Yes, please

Paula Cabezas coach

Life Coach.

I am Paula Cabezas, Life Coach. I created a 6-step method for you, to be happy with yourself.

If you want to know more about how a good self-esteem can transform your life, I will be presenting my project on Saturday October 23rd in KLARA.

Coaching Yoga42

Spiritual Coach 

I am Brenda Ayala and I am spiritual coach. 

Coaching Yoga42 is a tailored coaching programme that aims to create positive habits in 42 days from your home or your office. 

Come to visit me in my stand for the Business Shower for further information (the service is only available in Spanish).

Eugenia Díaz

Children activities

My name is Eugenia Díaz and I would like to introduce you my 2 projects:

  1. Spanish School Caracol Col Col, for children between 2 and 12 yo.
  2. Babys-Turnen Regenbogen, stretches for toddlers from 1 to 2 yo.

More information in our stand in Klara.



Storytelling for job hunting, branding and digital identity.

Hi! I am Irene and I am totally convinced that stories can change your life. 

From Galateas, I help you with your job search, your personal brand building process, or the cohesion of your digital identity.

We can talk about your story this October 23rd in Klara.

It may be the beginning of a great story.

Los Jabones del Bosque


Natural soaps

My name is Lidia Cabrera and I make soaps and shower gel for the hygiene of the whole family. 

I also make house cleaner and washing-machine detergent out of recycled oils.

Discover my ecological, sustainable and  community-supportive products next Saturday, October 23rd in Klara.


Illustrations and cartoon drawings

Cartoon drawings: the original and personalised gift that you were looking for.

Illustrations for your presentations, your book cover or just to hang it in the walls of your home.

Come to find out what we have to offer and ask for a quotation.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Lourdes Pellicer

Housemade pastries

From the oven to your table.

My name is Lourdes and my confectionary specialities are Sache Torte and madeleines.

Come to visit me and I will tell you more.

Melina Silberberg


Embroidery kit to-go

I’d like to talk to you about “Silbemel”, embroidery kits that you can carry easily in your handbag. Stop, breathe and create something beautiful for those crazy days.

The product launch will take place soon. In case you want to know more about the availability, and how and when to purchase it, visit my stand.

Silvia Salvagno


Visual artist, trainer and coach

My paintings are reflections and witnesses of my nomadic and multicultural life.

In order to share the liberating and transformative experience of creating art, I have opened Estudio Abierto (Oberwil, BL)

Do you want to know more about it? Come to get to know me next Saturday 23rd in KLARA.

Sofía Lorenz

Birthday crowns

I am Sofia and from Sofilein Lorenz I take part of children’s happiest days. 

I make birthday crowns, handmade and customised with funny clothes and sustainable materials.

Make your children happy. Come to know me in my stand in Klara.

2. At the Flea Market you will find...

Second hand clothes for women, men and kids.


Home decoration.

Second hand toys and books for kids.

3. Activity program

We have a very intesting program of activities for both adults and children:



  • 13:00 Music and dancing with Eugenia Díaz (in spanish)
  • 13:30 Story-telling in german with Carol Cabrera “Ich zieh an, was mich glücklich macht, und du?”
  • 15:00 Story-telling in spanish with Carol Cabrera “Yo me pongo lo que me hace feliz ¿y tú?”
  • Facepainting at JabyReArt’s stand



  • 12:30 Workshop: Entspannen und Atmen, with Gladys Herren (in German)
  • 14:15 Workshop in spanish: Cómo hacer que tu CV destaque usando el Storytelling, with Irene Díez
  • 15:45 Workshop in english: How to use storytelling in your CV and make it stand out from the crow, by Irene Díez
  • 16:30 Talk in spanish: Comunicación inteligente con los hijos, por Brenda Ayala
  • 17:15 Workshop in spanish: Relajación y respiración, by Gladys Herren